(12thNovember 2022 to
15th November 2022)


Envisioning is a 4 day workshop crafted to ignite the "core" of a human consciously making them realize the real meaning of their existence and purpose in life.


  • Create your personal life vision through a process of inner realization.
  • Create your Organizational vision for 3 to 6 years.
  • Get initiated into practices of Gyanyog to help you manage yourself and your emotions better.
  • Create a detailed plan on how to put your vision into action using Vision Implementation Plan.
  • Do a 5 Pillar challenge analysis of your business vision and annual business goals to identify roadblocks and make necessary plan to overcome those.
Anaavaran Workshop
  • Define your current year organization goal and further subdivide it into 15 key goals under the 5 pillars.
  • Creating the right Organogram to meet the above goals and vision.



Namaskar, My name is Roshiel Zaveri and before we came for the envisioning workshop I always use to have things in my head, I need to do something great and different and I always chasing things which were not in my control, so with the workshop, there is simplicity, clarity, and in fact, during the process, certain things emerged out and our vision got created and in the vision, there is a potential to become so much big and to contribute to so many things in life that is the biggest takeaway we got from the workshop. One key thing that happened is the role reversal between me and my brother we were trying to persuade him to do something which he didn't want to do and this is the role that he now has he is very joyful with that role that is the biggest takeaway that we are having.


  • Gyanyog Meditations
  • Yoga sessions
  • Complete annual goals tracking methodology


  • Entrepreneurs new to SKC and want to start their Journey of Conscious Entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurs who are SKC Grads.
  • Co - Founders/Partners/ Family members who are actively involved in the business. (Being a SKC Grad is NOT a requirement.)
  • Senior leadership playing an active and strategic role in the business.

Why Should You Do Envisioning?

  • Envisioning is the process to align our intent with our values, vision, mission and purpose in life and work.
  • Through envisioning, the whole workshop is designed in a way to ignite each person's "core" consciously which makes them realize the real meaning of their existence and purpose in life. This alignment when it comes, is an extraordinary "aha moment" in people's life which adds real meaning to whatever activities people have been doing or wanting to do in their personal and professional lives.
  • As soon as the intent gets aligned with the purpose, the why, how and what gets defined, leading to complete harmony of inner self with the outer manifestation.
  • A vision, which emerges from one's core is everlasting and fulfilling, and most importantly, it is not something which is adopted from the ideal case scenario of "what should be done", but that which comes out from within "which one really wants to do".
  • The vision which comes from within is a very personal one, it enables elimination of all concepts of competition and comparison with others. As the vision emerges from within, it is as unique as that individual himself.

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